Our core values

Our success as a consulting firm is founded on a set of core values that drive the way we behave with clients and each other.


At all times, Fusion people are:


Green We practice what we preach, we aim to minimise the detrimental impact on the planet for our actions as a company.  We are carbon neutral and exercise best practice for green IT in all our own operations. 


Client focused We do whatever it takes to serve our clients to the highest possible standards, with everyone at Fusion focusing on delivering success for our clients. We always put our clients first.


Passionate We believe that Green IT can make a significant difference to help reverse the effects of climate change. We are keen to help individuals and organisations understand and implement best practice to reduce the environmental impact of using IT.


Thought leaders We are continually researching and looking to innovate in the field of Green IT, to ensure we can help our customers understand the latest thinking and maximise the benefits that it can bring. 


Selfless and team orientated We ensure that our people respect each other and work to make each other successful. We show consideration for our colleagues, help out in times of crisis even when it is not ‘our’ problem.


Ethical We act ethically, honourably and responsibly. With any action, we strive to do ‘the right thing’, rather than ‘the easy thing’, and when in doubt ask ourselves; “How will this look? Am I happy with how people would perceive my behaviour were they to hear about what I have done here?”


Commercially driven It is in our client's interests, as much as our own, for Externus to be commercially successful and strong. We re-invest our profits into the business so that the value we add to clients can continue to grow. We are proud to ask our clients to pay fully for the value we add, so that the benefit on each assignment is both to the client and to Externus. We operate with sound commercial practices and stick to our processes and standard procedures, even when it’s difficult or time-consuming to do so.



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Fusion strengthens its data centre and client service offering

Fusion Business Solutions has announced that it has acquired the specialist Green IT firm, Externus. The move allows the combined business to offer a broader range of services to customers in the data centre and IT operations market. For more details see press room.

Fusion Award

In recognition for our support and implementation of energy efficency, Fusion has been awarded endorser status by the EU for their Code of Conduct for Data Centres. More

Fusion qualifies in EU Code Fusion staff have obtained the first ever ISEB qualification designed to certify proficiency in the EU code of Conduct For Data Centres. More

Carnival Study Complete
We have just completed a substantial study of the environmental impact of IT within Carnival UK, who operate four of the world's leading cruise lines: P&O Cruises, Cunard, Princess Cruises and Ocean Village Holidays.  Case study available.

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres gains momentum The EU Code of conduct for data centres looks set to become the de-facto standard for all data centres in Europe. More